"Premium Trade company of fruit and vegetable

products for the food industry"

Meet Us


At Artis we source and distribute high quality processed fruit and vegetable ingredients such as Juice Concentrates, Pulps and Purees, Dried fruits, Essences, IQF and More!


Our team of experts will provide you with your choice of fruit or vegetable ingredients, ensure compliance with strict guidelines and accreditation that our customers require. In addition, we will ensure high quality products are shipped efficiently to our customers directly from the most prestigious suppliers around the world.

***Whatever your fruit or vegetable ingredient you need, whatever the quantity and, wherever you are, contact us! - our team is always ready to help!***



At Artis we make sure that all manufactured products meet all international standards of quality. 



Suppliers that are not properly certified CANNOT produce for Artis. We are committed to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and full transparency by providing necessary documents and proof of quality for each product ordered.